Hi, We are Emmarie & Michelle...

...and we have been working together since 2012. Years later, we have partnered and formed B&B with M&E, which stands for Beauty and Boudoir with Michelle and Emmarie. We are both locally and internationally published photographers located in the DFW area, but we can also come to your hometown anywhere in the country.

We are all about promoting the experience of women empowerment, being in the spotlight, receiving extra treatment, and feeling beautiful about ourselves inside and out. We just happen to express that in the form of photoshoots.

We invite you to experience a photoshoot with us! How do you DREAM of being photographed? We love making miracles happen and sometimes change a few lives in the process! We can guarantee you the experience you will have will leave you speechless!

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What Our Clients Had To Say...

“I loved having my hair done, which is something I have always struggled with....it was fun, not that I was uncomfortable, but it brought me out of my comfort zone because I work a lot...so to this, I felt like OK, I'm going to be alright. This feels really good. And I love how...I'm not gonna cry, but how you make us feel, and how y'all are just so sweet.”


“It was fun! I loved getting the whole hair and makeup experience, the little gift bags...you know this extra little attention...I feel special, I feel good...you guys were really just affirming. Lots of positive encouragement, that felt really good.”


“My favorite part was how welcoming it was, I felt so comfortable...I never would have ran around in my underwear anywhere else, I'll tell you that. Like it was so welcoming, everybody was doing it, so no judgement here kinda thing you know? So I felt comfortable doing that, and that's a very big thing for me, because I would typically not do this in front of other people...and the experience was awesome! It went by really quick and it was a lot of fun, but when it was over, oh man I'm sad.”