April 4, 2022


By Michelle

Part One: Because We Have Many Food Adventures

Story Time: Food Diary

After securing our hotel, the next task was to get our vaccine pass.

In order to travel here and not quarantine we had to be "fully vaccinated" and get a vaccine pass to go to public places.

Specifically, our access to the boat tour, lunch at the Eiffel Tower, and long train rides.

One of our Uber drivers, on our way to the Louvre, mentioned that many of the citizens in France are not vaccinated.

Which made me laugh because I got it so I could travel.

Our first meal in Paris was an express breakfast at a café close to where we got our pass.

The spread was awesome.

A hot drink, a pastry, a baguette with jam, and orange juice.

Hannah tried the juice and she said it was real juice, freshly squeezed!

This became a new favorite that every restaurant and café offers. Freshly juiced fruit drinks.

We loved seeing fresh food, flowers, and juices available.

At one fresh food store, they have a pomegranate juicer, along with juice blends. The juice blends are perfect detox beverages, especially for hangovers.

The fruit are flavourful and satisfying, like the perfect home-grown produce.

I can't say that the Mango from Peru, which can cost between 7€ to 15€ for ONE, is anything special.

The Currant Berries are tart, seed filled, strands of red berries that aren't readily available in the States.

Saif, the man at the fruit stand, spoke English really well.

Emmarie asked how he learned to speak so well.

Saif mentioned video games, such as Call of Duty, and playing online has helped him.

This is part One of the Food Diary series because there are more food adventures to come.