June 28, 2021


What is a Model Call?

If you have never experienced a photoshoot before, chances are, when you hear the term "MODEL CALL", you won't know what it means. And even if you've heard the term before, what you have in mind, may be totally different than what it really is. We are here to break it down for you.

The concept of a Model Call in general, is a photoshoot agreed upon both the Model (or Client) and the Photographer to schedule a photoshoot at a discounted rate in exchange for the Model to sign a model release. Which raises the question what is a model release? A model release is an agreement between the Model (Client) and Photographer that states the Model is allowing the Photographer to use their images for promotional use of the studio. This type of agreement is not uncommon especially with the boudoir genre of photography, where the images contain very sensitive material. It is to protect both the Model and Photographer.

How Does It Work in B&B?

There are some Photographers, especially newer ones who typically agree to do this without charge in order to help build their portfolio. But for more experienced Photographers, they tend to do this at a discounted rate. As in our case, since we are already considered Masters in our field (having 12 years of experience under our belts), we typically agree to do a Model Call at a discounted rate.

The purpose of our Model Call is to create new content, so they are always "THEMED" to be able to shoot "OUR WAY" with "OUR STYLE", at the same time, delivering equal quality of experience as any other paying client who steps through our doors. So, our Model Calls will experience the hair and makeup, wardrobe access, posing guidance, facial expression coaching, and everything else that falls under the scope of our regular photoshoots. Since our mission is to make the everyday woman the best version of herself, we tend to select those who have never experienced a beauty or boudoir shoot before (See more below).

What Are Benefits of a Model Call?

Depending on the collection desired, our Model Call rates range between 45% up to 60% off our regular rates. That is the first benefit, especially with our rates being at a premium. Second benefit is that we release the digital files even with our lowest collection and a la carte selections, which we normally do not do with our regular clients. The reason for this being, that we expect our Model Calls to share some images, as agreed upon in the model release.

Just remember though, that Model Calls are typically themed, and that you would have to wait until we come up with a theme that fits your style! We make the announcement in our Facebook Group, B&B with M&E, and we just ask the applicant to send us an email explaining why they want to participate, along with a recent photo of themselves.

Our regular rates can be found on our Investment Menu on the website. So just imagine a 60% discount on those!

Hopefully we were able to shed some light on what a Model Call is, and the benefits it will bring!

In the meantime, we have released images of Poonam and Amanda from our latest Model Call (above). The video produced was to promote our Teal and Black Dream Angel Wings.