How Does It Work?

Step 1: Select a date from our 2022 calendar. We have a few dates left in 2021 if you want to book sooner. This step assures you that you won't be double booking with another client.

Step 2a: Select this step if you plan to purchase your collection and pay in FULL. Otherwise, skip to Step 2b.

Step 2b: Select this step if you wish to setup your monthly payment plan! If you prefer KLARNA or SHOP PAY, skip to Step 2c.

Step 2c: Select this step if you wish to pay with either KLARNA or SHOP PAY. Just note, that both have a maximum purchase of 1000, which is why you will see all the collections are "priced" at 1000. For Ravishing and Heavenly, we will revisit your balance with another payment method AFTER you have already paid your balance in full with KLARNA or SHOP PAY. At this point, you are locked in to the SALE price.

That's it! You're done! Just wait for a welcome email from us with details of your appointment, as well as contracts for signing. The contract is an agreement that outlines all the details and terms of payment based on your collection of choice.