How does it work?

You have selected STEP 3b, which means that you are ready to setup the payment plan for the package of your choice. For RAVISHING & HEAVENLY, if you have selected a photoshoot date after February, you can skip one payment, if after April, you can skip up to 2! Just let us know the months you would like to skip, and we can put your subscription on pause for those months, and resume until you are paid in full!

THE CHARMING 1000 (167/mo)

(10) image 11x14 Folio Box with 7x10 images mounted on individual 11x14 mats that are frame ready. This is the only time where we include the digital files of your selection!

THE RAVISHING 1500 (250/mo)

Up to (30) image 10x10 Acrylic Cover Album with smooth velvet pages, one 16x24 Wall Art, and digital files of your selection!

THE HEAVENLY 2600 (433/mo)

Up to (50) image 12x12 Crystal Cover Album with silk pages, one 20x30 Wall Art, one (20) image 11x14 Folio Box, and digital files of your selection!